Want to look cool out on the baseball field, or even when you’re just watching it live from the bleachers? Well, you sure won’t cut it by buying those huge styrofoam hats that proclaim your love for your team! There’s a more stylish and subtle way to catch attention, and this is by attending the game in the right gear – or, by wearing the right pair of baseball polarized sunglasses for men.

Baseball sunglasses have to be up to par. They aren’t like regular sunglasses that pay more attention to fashion rather than function. For one thing, they are sports sunglasses, which means they need to be imbued with extra protective features…things like wind and dust protection. Function is all-important! These are sunglasses you wear in direct sunlight; therefore you’ll definitely need top-rate UV protection. Choose cool sunglasses that promise at least 90% UV protection, for maximum care for your eyes. Baseball enthusiasts quite possibly need the full use of their healthy eyes more than any other part of their body.

And since it’s assumed that you’ll be wearing them out in the sun for long hours in one go, you can safely assume you’ll also be sweating quite a bit while wearing them. This is why you should choose sunglasses that have anti-corrosive properties. Different skin types and body chemistries produce different types of sweat, which comes with different acidity levels, so you need to make sure your sports eyewear won’t actually “melt” while you’re wearing them. No, the color or the frame itself won’t bleed down the sides of your face, but if you’re after the perfect sporty look, corroded frames could be such a turnoff. They could even be risky, because corroded frames could break at any moment.

In other words, never invest in cheap sunglasses for your sports ensemble. You aren’t paying for just the “look,” but also the durability that you need from everything you wear outdoors. Special tints that not only block out the sun, but adjust to all sorts of weather conditions, would be especially useful to you. Cheap sunglasses only offer a minimum of protection from the elements, so don’t settle for anything less than the best outdoor eyewear.

The “look” is important, of course. People wear sunglasses off the field to look cool while keeping their eyes protected, and even with the extra functionality offered by sports eyewear, there’s no reason why your baseball sunglasses can’t also be stylish.