Best Coffee Brewing Techniques – The Top 4

Coffee is very popular anywhere in the world. Drinking coffee has also been seen as a socializing activity. This has become a venue to meet up with old friends catch up with each other over a hot mug of coffee. Each place has their own way of making their favourite cup. It changes all over the world. Here are some of the best coffee brewing techniques.

  1. Middle Eastern. This is the simple way. Coffee grounded to dust is mixed in boiling water. This is usually brewed with sugar but could also be done with none. Spices could also be added to the mixture. The resulting texture is usually thick and muddy.
  2. Concentrate brewing. This is popular in Latin America. Coffee is brewed in large amounts with just a little water in order to form a concentrate. When reusable coffee cup one would like to have their own cup, they get a small portion of the concentrate and add water to it. This could be used either for a hot cup or a cold drink. This results in a mild flavoured coffee.
  3. Vacuum brewing. This uses a device made of glass globes that are joined in an air tight seal. The method might be a little complicated but the gist is that coffee ground and water is separated into each globe. The water is the heated until the pressure goes up to the globe containing the coffee. After some time, the water is allowed to cool down and the decrease in pressure causes the coffee to go down the seal into the water. This is one of popular types of making coffee. However, it is not the best tasting. Making the coffee is more fun than drinking it if this method is utilized.
  4. Autodrip. This is one of the most popular methods in the United States. It simply means pouring hot water into a filter containing the coffee. The result from the filter is a very good cup. Some argue that this may not meet the desired temperature of the water but some machines were developed to calibrate the temperature of water before it is poured. The paper filter may also add a different taste to the coffee that is why gold plated reusable filter are also available in the market.