Car Buyers – Now Is the Best Time for End of Year New Car Sales

A car is one of the necessities for living a comfortable life. If you are looking to buy a car, this is the best time of the year to buy:

>> Your new family car

>> A first car for a young family member, or

>> A BIG surprise for a very special person

Car dealerships want to move this year’s 2014 models to make room for the new models to be released in 2015. So, they are much more willing to negotiate and offer you a better deal.

Be Prepared and Use the Internet

Before you look for your new favourite car, you should do some homework first as it will alleviate a lot of stress when you are trying to drive a hard bargain with the salesperson.

To save your time and energy, let your fingers do the walking and use the Internet. Using the Internet before you go shopping around for your new favourite car will enable you to be armed with some useful information of your own before you arrive at a car dealer’s showroom.

Car Dealers’ Websites – You should visit the various car dealers’ websites and compare a range of car models’ against the car of your choice.

Road Test Review Websites – There are many road test review websites, so you can get a real feel of what the experts say about your favourite car. They may not agree with your opinion, but at least you will benefit by obtaining a good mix of opinions.

Shop Around

So, now you are ready to shop around for your new favourite car and you should now know:

>> What new car model you want

>> What features and options you want, and

>> What retail price you are looking for

You should visit at least three new car dealerships representing the brand of car you are looking to buy. Keep in mind when shopping around, try to negotiate for the best price and then drive a hard bargain by making the car dealers compete for your business.


The salesperson is usually very keen for you to sign on the dotted line. So, before you pay a deposit, ask the car dealer that you would like to see the exact car you are intending to buy. As this enables you to check that your favourite car actually exists. Remember, once you have paid a deposit it is very hard to get out of the deal.

Think with your Head, not your Heart!

When you are negotiating the price with the salesperson and you are trying to drive a hard bargain, remember to always think with your head and not your heart and you will come out on top.

Get your Finance Pre-Approved

Getting your finance pre-approved will give you the peace of mind knowing that you will have the upper hand when you are negotiating the purchase price of your new car with the car dealer.

Obtain Advice from a Specialised Finance Broker

Having a specialised finance broker on your side will save you lots of time, heartache and stress. As a finance broker will negotiate on your behalf with numerous lenders/credit providers to secure you the best car finance arrangement, you will be assured of getting the pre-approved finance package.

So, don’t wait for buying a car anymore. Obtain expert help and secure pre-approved car finance package.