Have You Considered Bringing Your Printing in House?

Big organisations have big printing needs. Your business may find that it needs to outsource some of its large jobs to an offset printing service from time to time – however this can become a costly and less efficient process as your business continues to grow. Meanwhile, if you’re a small printer business outsourcing, 20 or 30000 prints per month – it makes sense to find a more cost effective solution.

Canon has a number of professional print solutions to help your organisation streamline its printing. Its digital print presses offer speedy production and quality that rivals offset – so you can consider taking your printing back into the print room.

High speed, quality printing with Digital Press

Many traditional print setups are designed to efficiently produce large volumes of office documents. However, these machines may not provide the same quality that some materials, such as annual reports or professional marketing materials, may require – and certainly not at the same speeds.

Canon’s Digital Press machines, like the imagePRESS C700VP, give the same quality and finish as you would achieve with outsourcing to a commercial printer so you can do more of your printing in house. They offer a number of helpful add-ons and features like saddle stitching while a central management system makes it easy to select different stock and output options from a single location.

The imagePRESS C700VP features include:

  1. Flexibility – capable of printing on a variety of Quantity of printed materials needed stock, included glossy and uncoated as well as card stock that traditional multifunction printers may not be able to handle.
  2. Versatility – you can add-on a number of professional features to your print system, including saddle stitching and booklet stapling.
  3. Speed – these machines do jobs in hours what took other systems weeks to complete. With speeds clocking 70 colour impressions per minute, you’ll be printing in no time!

Combined with a to make oversized prints such as banners and signage, you’ll find you’ll be able to complete your jobs in a timely and efficient manner – you may never have to outsource your work ever again!

Digital Print highlights

Digital printing presses give you offset like quality on a variety of paper stock. There are a number of advantages to choosing a digital print press: