Knowing About Today’s Certified Medical Assistant

Medical assistants were introduced to reduce the work load of physicians. Nowadays they are trained to perform both clinical and office duties. When a patient is admitted to a hospital, Medical assistant (MA) will prepare his file of medical history, so when the physician comes to examine the patient, he can start the treatment. These assistants also explain the procedure of treatment to the patient. It is also his duty to prepare the patients for x-rays and ultrasounds. They also check and keep record of patient’s blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature and respiratory system.

Medical assistants also take care of the office work; they keep the record of the appointments and often call the patients to confirm the appointments. It is the duty of MA to greet the patients, help them with admission procedures of hospital, filling the insurance form and other basic procedures. They also tell the patient about expenses of Benzo Withdrawal treatment and receive the payments, but only in some private clinics. There are also some specialized assistants like ophthalmic; these specialized assistants have taken special training to assist a specialized doctor. In this case of ophthalmic assistants, they perform diagnostic test, measure and keep the record of vision and checks the function of eye muscles. They also apply eye dressing and also explain the patient about the procedure of wearing and taking care of lenses.

There is no special requirement for becoming a medical assistant, one thing that is necessary is a high school diploma. It is advised that you check the accreditation of the institute before taking admission in it. Medical office assistants interact with a lot of people during work so their personality should also be well-groomed. Many medical assistants who are currently working, do not have any special qualification and they have learnt their duties on the job, but now most of the employer only gives job to a certified medical assistant. There is a one year diploma and a 2 year associate degree offered by various schools and colleges. These courses usually cover physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, keyboarding, transcription, record keeping, accounting and insurance processing. Most of the programs also include internship programs so that the students can also gain some practical experience of their profession. It is not necessary for one to have a certification but certified medical assistants are always preferred over non certified assistants. The two popular associations for issuing the certification of medical assistants are American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and Association of medical Technologists (AMT). People can also get their specialized certification such as podiatry, optometry and ophthalmology.

If we talk about the job opportunities of the certified medical assistants, it is predicted that it would be the fastest growing occupation of this decade. There were about 540,020 jobs in 2011 and it is expected to grow by 35 % in 10 years. This means that one can have a very bright future in this field after getting some certification and degree. They usually earn from 25,000 and up to 40,000 dollars, depending upon the experience, certification and the size of the organization you are working in.