Mirrored Len Sunglasses – How Cool Are They?

Mirrored lens sunglasses have been going in and out of fashion. Mirrored sunglasses, also known as mirror shades, are simple sunglasses with mirrors on them. At one time, they were very popular with police officers in the US. This earned them the popular nickname ‘cop shades’. There is a reason behind this: mirrored sunglasses are the perfect cover for your eyes. With these on, you can see everything clearly but no one is privy to what is going on in your mind because your eyes are well hidden. The cherry on the cake is the way these shades make you look – cool, mysterious and totally in control!

Mirrors have been making their presence felt on sunglasses for quite some time now. These days, you find two main kinds of styles in mirrored cool sunglasses. The first are a pair of mirrored lenses set in metal frames. These are sometimes mistaken to be aviators. The other kind is trendier still with a single semi-circular lens that covers the eyes and some part of the face. They look like goggles and are even combined with plastic frames that act as the nose piece. These wraparounds are very popular in the sports arena.

Fashion apart, these kinds of sunglasses can be very beneficial to your eyes. Mirrored sunglasses have a remarkable glare reduction capacity of 10 to 60 per cent when compared to ordinary sunglasses. These sunglasses also come in a variety of colors. The yellow and blue tints enhance visibility.

Although mirrored lens sunglasses are rather expensive when compared to ordinary sunglasses, they can be depended upon to greatly reduce the glare from sun at higher elevation. Pilots flying at higher altitudes would usually use mirrored lens sunglasses as protection from the intense glare of the sun. In fact, this is one of the ways in which these sunshades became so popular. International pilots in their mirrored lens aviator sunglasses were featured in many international fashion magazines that resulted in the aviator mirrored lens sunglasses becoming the earliest style of eye wear in fashion.

There are several types of thickening elements that are applied to the surface of the lens to have a mirrored effect. These elements can either be gold, silver or even copper metallic mirror glaze applied coatings on the surface of a fully smoke tinted lens. When finished, these lenses can offer you greater UV protection compared to ordinary lens with ordinary tint. This is the process by which manufacturers produce mirrored lens sunglasses

The style can sometimes fade away in favor of some other forms of eye wear but they always pop up somehow to reclaim their seat in the fashion industry. In short, aviator and mirrored lens sunglasses are both icons in the eye wear fashion.