Sediment Water Filters For Home Use

Sediment water filters are fast becoming popular for home use as they offer a comprehensive filtration system that purifies water for consumption, bathing, cooking and cleaning. This amazing filtration system is designed to remove impurities from the water that passes through the system.

This includes sediments, rust particles and dirt that can affect the flavor and odor of the water you use in your home. Scientific studies have shown that these sediments and particles that we find swirling around in our glasses of drinking water can include ammonia, petroleum, arsenic and oil. Not only damaging to your health, but these particles can cause your plumbing to become clogged can wear away at seals, causing dripping and leakages.

The filter is cylindrical in shape, allowing the outer drain filter to trap larger particles. As the water moves through to the central core of the filter cartridge, finer particles are trapped within the multi-gradient propylene or carbon filters. These filters are effective in not only trapping sediment, but in removing harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine and harmful bacteria.

Sediment water filters can be used to purify well water as well as water supplied directly from a municipal supply. The filter cartridges are housed in propylene filter housings that are designed to be highly durable. The system is attached directly to the main water supply via simple plumbing fittings. Most systems are able to filter up to twenty gallons of water per minute effectively.

The inlets and outlets connected to the sediment filtration system are designed in such a way that they allow for minimal drops in pressure, ensuring an even, continual flow to the water supply. The benefits to your home are many. A sediment water filter will ensure that your drinking water is sweeter, odor free and free from potentially harmful impurities.

The water supply to your washing machine, now free from sediments, particles and impurities, ensures that the built in filters do not become clogged, restricting the water flow and washing time. Your shower water, now free from impurities, will be softer, gentler on your hair and skin.

You will find less of a build up of sediment on your shower walls or in your bath. You can also look forward to no more de-scaling of coffee pots and kettles in your home, as lime scale is trapped in the sediment filter system. This is often built up in your refrigerators water supply, your shower head and faucets throughout the house.