What is So Special About Maui Vacation Rentals?

You may have noticed in your People Magazine that many of the stars head to Maui, Hawaii for a quick getaway. Or you may remember some of your friends going there with their families when you were younger. Or you may recall your college buddies going there for spring break or a graduation celebration. In Hawaii there are 6 major islands and several tiny ones to choose from for a vacation. Why do so many love Maui and go back to it year after year? What is so darn special about Maui vacations?

Maui is located two islands southeast of Oahu. Oahu is where the state capital and Pearl Harbor are located. Both Maui and Oahu have major airports that allow you to fly there from the mainland United States, so they are both pretty accessible. Maui is roughly similar in size to Oahu. Depending on the side of the island you are on, you will see amazing sunrises and gorgeous klanttevredenheidsonderzoek sunsets on crystal blue ocean water. Maui is most famous for its incredible beaches. People come from all over the world to get exposure to these highly ranked beaches. Some are public and some are exclusive but all are spectacular. In terms of the landscape, beaches are not the only things Maui offers. With several state parks and reserves you can find rainforests, cliffs, rivers, and mountains to explore. If you are a nature-lover, Maui is heaven for you. Not only is the land fun to explore but the ocean is too. Certain times of year are best to go whale and dolphin watching. Marine life abounds, even in the smallest of places. Imagine staying in one of the fantastic Maui vacation rentals, stepping out onto the beach from your front door and strolling along the ocean shore to check out tide pools and what the ocean has left behind. See glowing sunsets, and feel warm sand beneath your feet.

What other things are there to do on Maui? Well, take your pick of every outdoor land and water adventure you could think of. Ever wanted to learn to surf? How about parasailing or windsurfing? Snorkeling is the perfect way to get a look at the ocean life beneath the surface. If you are really into marine life, take scuba diving lessons and explore the vast ocean floor. If you are more into in-land discovery, try kayaking or white water rafting down rivers or hiking though mysterious rainforests. You will never have enough time to do them all. That’s why people keep coming back. There is simply too much to discover.

Another reason people love Maui is the lack of over the top commercialism. Other places tend to be a little touristy and you feel like herded cattle. In Maui you can feel like a local or like you belong there. Many visitors opt to stay in places like Maui vacation homes. This is a wonderful way to get some privacy, a more roomy space, and lots of delicious amenities to complete your Maui experience. You can find anything from Maui condos to beach cottages to luxury villas and homes. Having vacation home rentals to choose from helps keep Maui from feeling over done and too built up. People love Maui because it is beautiful, close to nature, and makes you feel like only you are privy to its secrets.